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QUICK TEMPLATE TOOL: We’ve made it easy to select and download a template for anyone of our products: Begin by choosing a product, then select a size, then select the file format you require. Finally, press download and start creating your button, magnet, and/or sticker.

Why should I use a Template?

Having a great artwork is only the first step to creating a great button. By setting up your artwork using our templates, you ensure the alignment of your design on the button will be exactly the way you expect.

How To Use The Templates

There are three areas of the template you will notice.

  • Live Area - This is everything that will appear on the face of the button.
  • Credit Line - This is where to place text that will appear around the edge of the button. Most often used for credit, copyright and other information.
  • Bleed - Artwork must extended past the bleed mark to ensure no white paper is seen around the rim of your button.

A Little Bit About 'File Formats'

.PDF/.AI (Adobe® Illustrator)

  • These files are designed to be opened in Adobe Illustrator CS5 or higher.
  • Colour mode should be set to CMYK.
  • All text should be converted to outlines to ensure your fonts don't change.
  • If using CS6 or higher, please save your file for compatibility with Adobe CS5.

.ZIP (.AI & .ZIP)

  • Convenient way to download both .PDF & .AI templates.

Notes: Artwork may shift slightly on the face of every button, please keep this in mind when designing elements that look best only when perfectly centred. Some variation must be expected. Colors may not always print as they appear on your monitor. Pantone colour matching is available at an extra charge, please contact customer service after placing your order.

Button Templates

    Magnet Templates

      Sticker Templates